Swisscom TV Air 3.0

Crafting a mobile TV experience to accompany users through the day.


Swisscom TV is a cloud-based TV streaming platform that pioneered in time-shifted broadcasting as one of the first services worldwide.

The next step is to modernize and simplify the user interface and enable personalized content at the same time.

My Role

Lead on Product–, Experience–, Interface Design and Information Architecture.


  • Android
  • iOS


since 2016


Creating a modular component design system, that works for phones and tablets across all platforms at the same time and feels familiar and simple.

Existing functionalities remain — usecases get enriched and simplified.

Snapshot excerpt showing user flows.

Five, Four, ..., ..., ..., and Action!

Analyzing existing app sections via a flow chart diagram to support the mental model of the app. Now it is much clearer to see how each section is conneted with each other.

Ideation around micro interactions

With the support of Prinicple prototypes, different animations were created to support a more human feel and a decent delightness.

Housekeeping & Consistency

With the use of a solid design system and a symbol library a consistent interface is ensured and repetitive work reduced to a minimum.

Personalized Navigation

Since TV Air can be used for single use or as a compagnion for the Swisscom TV Box, there are different needs for each user. To address the needs in the best way, we let the user decide which areas are more important, by changing the navigation according to his needs.

Content worlds

The right content is crucial if you decide to spend watching TV. Therefore Content Worlds create a themed experience to gather all content related to one specific topic — regardless of its origin. Be it Live TV, recordings or premium pay content.

Themed content worlds


Due to a atomic–style design system development time was decreased. During my time, working on TV Air Mobile, app ratings leveled up on iOS from 3.2 to 4.6 and on Android the rating is still rising.

Magnum goofing around
"Such a relieving moment to watch classic Magnum episodes while commuting."