Swisscom TV Air 4.0

Welcome to the dark side. There is more than 🍪🍪🍪


Swisscom TV is a cloud-based TV streaming platform that pioneered in time-shifted broadcasting as one of the first services worldwide.

My Role

Single Lead on Product–, Experience–, Interface Design and Information Architecture.


  • Android
  • iOS


since 2019


The premium service standard needs to be presented to the customer. Screentime needs to be as pleasant, inspiring and entertaining.

Dark User Interface

We have given the user interface of TV Air a dark color theme. Images have a stronger effect and are more pleasing to the eyes, especially when used in a dark environment.

PlayNext in action — One tap to skip ads in recordings

Play Next!

In recordings, advertising can be skipped with the tap of a button. At the beginning of the commercial a button fades in and with one click the show continues seamlessly.

Native Replay Guide

Replay Guide

The Replay Guide has found its place back on the home screen. All shows are sorted by genre and offer easy access from 7 days of replay content.

Enhanced Homescreen

Enhanced Homescreen

Content with high relevance can now be found more prominently on the home screen immediately after launch. We show more channels at once on the current TV program. More of the current recordings are also visible. The editorial daily tips are staged more vividly with a larger high-resolution picture and a short descriptive text.


Due to a atomic–style design system development time was decreased. During my time, working on TV Air Mobile, app ratings leveled up on iOS from 3.2 to 4.6 and on Android the rating is still rising.

Magnum goofing around
"It was incredibly challenging and fun pushing TV Air to the dark side."