My Swisscom

Delivering the easiest selfcare experience.


My Swisscom is the Swiss army knife for customers who want to view their bill, solve product problems or subscribe new products and services.

My role

UX Design Lead


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web


2020 to 2022

Information architecture & structure

Gaining overview and re-structuring

First, all subject areas and functions were noted, spread out, and rearranged in context with each other.


One single navigation concept across all platforms.

Through an iterative process, the appropriate navigation was developed. The focus is on a scalable and technically feasible solution that is viable for both apps and desktop web applications.


The new landing page provides customers with a personalized, pleasing and striking overview of their currently relevant topics, products and other related information from Swisscom.

4 You widgets

Selected functions that are used frequently or are of current relevance and therefore helpful for the customer are fetched from individual product areas directly onto the start screen.