Johannes Böhm

Sonos Control* Enhance your sonic experience with a captivating flow.

As an enthusiastic user of Sonos speakers, I use them every day. I listen to radio, podcasts, or music from a streaming provider or my local music server. For playing and switching music sources, the Sonos app is essential. Through daily use, I have carefully studied the app and thought about improving and simplifying the user experience while maintaining functionality.



Streamlined navigation for seamless music access.

Fast Forward

Swift access to your favorite tunes with fewer steps.


Elevating music to the forefront of the experience.


Emphasizing brand and products.



This project is fictional and emerged from personal motivation to study, question, and redesign the existing app independently. There is no collaboration with Sonos.

The redesign is based on observations of my own behavior and experiences from my professional background. No user tests were conducted, and unfortunately, no analytical user data was available for evaluation.

This project was inspired by enjoyment and curiosity, pushing me to test my powers of observation, analytical thinking, and design skills.